Finding Your Magic

Every time we are getting ready for a wedding; providing you with your mood board, and planning out what your dream day is going to look like, we have something individualized for each wedding hanging up in our studio that says “magic.” Here, we try to find words, images or anything that helps us encompass your vision, your magic. 

Finding your magic seems like such a big job, for you and us, it sometimes is, because this is your day! Your magical wedding day. However, if you have your vision inside of you, we, as Floriography try out best to take all your ideas, as big or small, as crazy or minimal, as they are and give that their own category that we come back to and reflect on through making your florals. 

Florals tell such a big story at any wedding; here are some of our favorite stories we have created for you.

Photography by: Maura Jane Photography

Alicia Lucia Photography

Fitz Goes West Photography

Becca Lea Photography

Elizabeth Wells Photography

Emily Calhoun