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We're a solid bunch of creative, professional, flower-loving dog mamas & papas, who like a strong cup of coffee and good dance party. Our team is fiercely dedicated to our clients and giving them the very best floral experience imaginable. We hope we get to know you soon.

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Floriography Flowers - New Mexico Wedding

Emily Calhoun
Boss Lady / Chief Flower Officer

Emily founded Floriography in 2011 in a tiny but mighty little patch of her family’s pecan orchard. That small flower farm has since blossomed into multiple brands, including Floriography,  Calhoun Flower Farms, and Florecita. When she isn’t out in the field or in the studio you can find her making vision boards, planning taco parties, making “restoratives” (a.k.a. whiskey cocktails), and sitting on the porch with her shiny new husband Eli and their dogs Tex & Dolly Barkton (@texanddolly).


Fave podcast: How I Built This; Slow Flowers; Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Fave flower: Yucca Blossoms....

Red or green: It's complicated....but generally red.

Floriography Flowers - New Mexico Wedding

Lisa Haskill
Operations Manager / Designer

Lisa stumbled upon a Floriography internship in 2016, and it’s been all ‘heart eyes’ between us since then. She is a crucial part of the flower team, both creatively and organizationally. She is a talented designer, an expert controller of emails, and the schedule queen. This sweet gal is a Floriography bride who got engaged at a secret park in Albuquerque and then awesomely served pizza at her wedding. How cool is that?!  Lisa and her husband have two dogs with human names (Malcolm and Noah) and make a mean Thanksgiving dinner.

Fave podcast: Note to Self

Fave flower: Ranunculus & Flannel Flower

Red or green: Red for breakfast, Green for lunch and dinner. 


Media Manager/ Designer

Micayla first came to Floriography in 2018 looking to fulfill her creative passions during the summer off from school. An elementary education teacher at by day, we just couldn’t let her go after that first summer, and she’s stayed on to help us make magic ever since. She is the sweetest soul you’ll ever meet, and has the patience and good humor only a kindergarten teacher could possess. A true creative and hustler, Micayla manages our social media, hand letters much of our calligraphed decor, serves on our design and set-up team, and is a talented photographer to boot. We are blessed to have this quadruple-threat on our team.

Fave podcast:

Fave flower:

Red or green: 

Floriography Flowers - New Mexico Wedding

Isabel Hees
Lead Designer

Isabel danced her way into Floriography by way of her bakery side hustle, The Flour Girl. As our lead designer, Isabel dreams up ways to execute our crazy ideas into action. She is the master of wearable floral designs like our signature corsages and boutonnières. She's gifted our team with a new vocabulary of silly words and brings so much joy and buckets of laughter to everyone she meets.  Not only can Isabel create the most beautiful and meticulous floral masterpieces, but she is a former flamenco dancer and a talented printmaker as well. Check out her flamenco inspired works here.


Fave podcast:two dope queens

Fave flower: Poppy

Red or green: Red

Floriography Flowers - New Mexico Wedding

Caitlin Kundrat
Farmer / Designer

Caitlin cultivated her relationship with Floriography before she arrived in Albuquerque, first reaching out to us as she set her sights on starting a flower farm in the area, and then joining our design team shortly after her arrival. This New York City native fell in love with farming, design, and the desert after an internship on an Albuquerque farm, and now grows buckets of unique blooms and foliage for us at her own North Valley farm, The Bloomist. She is the master of growing dahlias and making plans. Her scrappy farm dog Largo WILL eat your snacks, be careful.


Fave podcast: Savage lovecast; my favorite murder

Fave flower: dahlias, of course

Red or green: green


New Mexico
Landscape Inspiration

In an effort to introduce you to our complete team, we had to make sure to note our special relationship with our beautiful and unique surroundings. Our own backyard lends us to a picturesque desert landscape that allows us to create a signature look that you can only find at Floriography. With every piece we create, the Southwest shines and for that, we love you New Mexico!

Floriography Flowers - New Mexico Wedding

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