images provided by  Pie Shoppe

images provided by Pie Shoppe

The short version...

  • Floriography creates luxe, garden- inspired wedding and event flowers.  

  • Our clients receive fun, personal, creative, and "out-of-the-box" designs and styling.

  • The flowers we use have a conscience. We prioritize blooms grown sustainably and ethically from our farm and others we admire.

  • We love creating LARGE floral installations and structures including: chuppahs, arches, arbors, chandeliers etc. (we rent these things out too!)

  • Emily and her team are a dynamic collection of creative professionals that you want to be friends with!

The longer version….

Our floral design team specializes in dreaming up and executing exquisite, garden-inspired designs for everything from grand luxury weddings to intimate whimsical dinner parties!  We make it a priority to use top quality flowers, including native plants,  desert botanicals, and heirloom blooms grown straight from our own boutique flower farm and others we admire.  It is our hope that the designs we create for  you leave a wonderful and lasting impression. We do this by adding lots of textures, variety, gorgeous mounds of foliage, and unexpected elements like fruits and vegetables!  

We began this beautiful journey in 2011 with some canning jars and a tiny piece of dirt in between pecan orchards. From this tiny parcel and with cuttings from the yards of friends and neighbors, Floriography began selling flower bouquets at small farmer’s markets and through weekly seasonal subscriptions to businesses in El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM. Customers and subscribers loved Emily’s (Floriography’s founder) designs so much that wedding inquiries started rolling in.  What started out as a dream to make local flowers accessible to our little community has since blossomed into a thriving event design business that reaches across state lines.
Floriography's designs and farm flowers have been internationally published in wedding and style bogs and in print via Martha Stewart Weddings and Rocky Mountain Bride. Our team travels across the country designing for high-end weddings and events. We are based in Albuquerque, New Mexico but seriously delight in travel!  

For more information on Floriography Farms, click here. 



images provided by  Pie Shoppe

images provided by Pie Shoppe

Things that make my heart go "pitter patter":

  • COFFEE in any way, shape, or form

  • Tap dancing in grocery stores

  • Eating my way through different countries, particularly Southeast Asia and Mexico

  • Collecting the vintage vessels and ribbon we use in events

  • The First bloom of the season

  • Weddings.....

  • Tex the Farm dog

  • Farmers - all of them

  • Urban gardening

  • Memories of my grandmother's award winning Iris garden

  • Freshly roasted green chile

  • Gorgeous city medians

  • Dinner parties (both the fancy and the backyard variety)

  • Babies at farmers markets





About 75% of cut flowers sold in the US are grown in South America. These imported cut blooms are harvested, put in boxes, loaded on a plane, and sent to a wholesaler where they continue to sit in boxes until they are purchased or put in water. Most cut flowers destined for the US have traveled more than 2,500 miles. 

By purchasing locally grown flowers, this transportation time is significantly reduced. The only transportation needed is directly from farmer to customer - that means fewer carbon dioxide emissions and less energy used in refrigeration. The result is better quality blooms that have been happily drinking up water and fresh air for much more time than their transported counterparts. 

Purchasing directly from your grower gives you a better price and your grower gets a larger portion of the sales by, as they say, cutting out the middle man. This is a great way to support small family farms and local small business!