Whether your style is whimsical with a touch of vintage or classic with a pop of quirkiness, we design our floral elements to suit your story while being respectful of the season and our environment. Let us help you create that vision of beauty and personality with artfully designed and thoughtfully sourced flowers from our boutique farm and from others we admire.



We would be thrilled and honored to learn more about how we can make your event extra special with our design and floral services. Most of our clients have an average floral design budget of $6000. Floriography is excited by all wedding styles  but specializes in using our local environment  and curating unique seasonal products wherever we are. Our home base is in the Southwest ( Albuquerque, NM)  but in 2017 & 2018  we will be opening up our services to events across the nation and internationally! Because of our dedication to creating a wonderful customer experience  we will be limiting the amount of events on our calendar. Please contact us soon to begin the  most beautiful conversation. 

On a budget? Inquire about our Florecita program!  Florecita allows for our clients with smaller budgets to purchase some of our signature designs using flowers from our farm and other local growers with minimal design input. Florecita is a boutique floral design studio within the Floriography family who creates artisanal flower arrangements for corporate and private events, small weddings and elopements on a limited basis.  Florecita is a perfect solution to the person or group looking for stunning hand-crafted floral arrangements without the time or desire for too much stylistic direction. Born of its mother company Floriography, Florecita  aims to provide the same high quality product and customer service for smaller budgets and shorter time frames.  Florecita only takes a few events a month please inquire quickly to get our pricing info and availability. 

Our home base is in New Mexico (Albuquerque/Santa Fe) but we delight in travel across the country. Here are some places we have worked in the past:

  • Charlottesville, VA

  • Austin, TX

  • Ann Arbor, MI

  • Dallas, TX


Floriography loves a good party! Whether it's a casual outdoor barbecue or a formal evening soiree, let our locally grown flowers turn your good party into a great one! Nothing sets a seasonal tone like local, seasonal flowers. We love the way tulips and daffodils make it feel like spring or how autumnal leaves mixed with cotton bolls and red chiles can inspire your New Mexican Thanksgiving table. Let us help you embrace the season with thoughtful and seasonally specific designs.  Contact us to chat about ways we can add our sustainably grown floral designs to your event or make your holiday extra festive.


Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for news of where to buy our blooms and say HI!


We  believe that everyone has a bit of designer in them just waiting to come to life at one of our design workshops! Throughout the year, we offer workshops that teach how to make stunning original designs, like Thanksgiving centerpieces with a pumpkin for a vase, winter holiday wreaths, or May Day arrangements with tulips and flowering branches. Stay up-to-date on what workshops are being offered in your area by liking our Facebook page and following us on Instagram

We also offer private *Party Classes* and think they are wonderful additions to a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or just a fun girls night! Learn how to craft bridal bouquets, seasonal arrangements, flower crowns and more while sipping fabulous cocktails and snacking on homemade treats. Contact us for pricing and availability.